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Scott Dittrich

Scott Dittrich

Co Founder 1776 | Financial Advisor

Scott has lengthy experience in the financial services industry since having begun his career in 1982. Over 40 years of skill and knowledge have shown that the clients can trust that Scott will help with satisfying their financial needs. Scott is proficient in attending to retirement planning strategies and helping clients focus on estate planning issues while he works with their legal and accounting advisers in developing their estate plan. 

He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from Doane College and received a Master's degree in Education from Hofstra University. Scott is as dedicated to his community as he is his career. He is an active member of the Norfolk Lions Club, having been a Melvin Jones Award and William T. Murphy Sight Award winner. Scott also donates time to local charities such as The Santa Foundation and Random Smile Project.

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